Monthly Highlights – September

It’s Swingtember, Squeal!
So, this month starts with a massive bang and kicks off with the biggest swing dancing event of the year. And before you have a chance to have a sit down and relax, Reading gets back into the swing of things with normal everything resuming after a summer hiatus, so grab your hat as we cover the highlights.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd | Reading Swing Exchange

OMG! It’s finally arrived.
This is a fantastic event, all the more so for being able to stumble back to ones own bed at the end of evening. There are five fabulous venues, four fantastic bands and three thrilling days of social swing dancing with people local and from all around the world.
Saturday day time has lots of taster dance and non-dance sessions, guide walks to keep you occupied. Evening tickets for Saturday’s Ball are available as well | Link


  • Sat 9th | Vintage Kilo Sale

Something a bit different if you like a good treasure hunt rummage through old clothes taking place at Rivermead Leisure centre starting at 10am. They sale the clothes by weight rather than by each item individually priced | Link

Sun 17rd | Last Stop Balboa | Social Balboa Dance

Oh how we’ve missed this lovely Balboa dancing social has from Oxford Swing Dance Society. Shuffle on up to Oxford for this laid-back monthly social and let this event ease you through your Sunday afternoon of dancing. Last Stop Balboa runs from 2pm-6pm upstairs at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford, costing only £4 |
As it is in a Gastro-pub, why not make a day of it and have a spot of lunch beforehand? | Link


  • Wed 20th | Reading University Swing Dance Society | Lessons recomence

A reminder that we welcome the students back and that these classes start up again. This student society welcomes non-students as members, more details of this class can be found on our Swing Dance Classes pageDSC03713c

  • Thu 21st | Silver Heels | Social Swing Dancing

Back after a summer break this the Silver Heels will recommence their third Thursday slot at the Global Cafe. A great live band with a hard core of musicians that are usually  joined by different semi-regular members each gig, makes every time they play a fresh experience and lucky dip of musical delight. Their music ranges from 1920s to the 1940s so suitable for wider swing family of Charleston, Lindy Hop and Balboa.
In a cafe setting, that always makes room for a dance floor and a great place to enjoy some food before the music starts, usually around 9.30pm. This event is free, but please thank the band by making a donation into the hat at half time| Link


  • Thu 28th | Ding Dong Daddios | Social Swing Dancing to live music

Also back after a summer break are Reading favourites the Ding Dong Daddios, so if you like your dancing music on the jump jive scale then don’t miss out on this welcome return. Taking to the main stage at this lively and fun event at the Purple Turtle from 9pm. No charge so buy a drink to show willing!| Link


Please get in contact with us if you have any events coming up in October that you would like us to include.